How Normal Guys Are Pulling Off Their Own Superhero Body Transformations In As Little As 12 Weeks

And how you can do it too with just 3 workouts per week, while eating your favorite foods every day, and zero cardio.

Is it really possible for average guys to build a superhero body by doing the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what most celebrities do?

​The answer is yes

But look...I get it.

​You're skeptical.

You probably think I’m some sleazy fitness guru who’s trying to sell you some magic 6-pack hack bullshit.

Here I am claiming you can eat your favorite foods, workout 50% less than most celebrities do, never step foot on a treadmill again...

...and still get ripped.

What gives me the right to make such crazy claims?

Well for starters...this shit just works.

Tom got absolutely shredded in just 12 weeks

Donald lost over 30 pounds of body fat and completely transformed his body.

At 52 years young, Neal is giving the "dad bod" new meaning.

​Jacob sculpted himself into a lean, mean sex machine in just 4 months.

And these guys did it with just 3-4 workouts per week, and without giving up their favorite foods. 


I remember being where you are right now. 

Motivated to look like a certain celebrity or superhero...

Willing to do whatever it takes...

Wanting to change your physique ​so you can live a better life...

My name is Keith Lai, and the first thing you should know me is I’m just like you.

I’m an average guy with average genetics.

I don’t have fancy degrees in sports nutrition or kinesiology.

I don’t even like to call myself a “fitness expert.”

Honestly, the only thing I do consider myself an “expert” in is helping average guys transform their physiques.

​That's the reason I created the blog FitMole (which over 9 million people have visited since it launched 5 years ago).

When I first started working out I wanted to look like Ryan Reynolds in Blade: Trinity.

Crappy movie, but Reynolds was ripped and gave me the motivation to start training. 

I was willing to do whatever it took to transform my body.

So I went hardcore into this fitness stuff....

​And tried nearly every workout and diet program in the book.

But then reality struck.

​I was working out and trying to copy what all the famous Hollywood celebrities and fitness models did...

But could never stick with any single routine.

​I was trying all the "latest and greatest" diet plans...

Everything from low carb, paleo, the blood type diet, and eating nothing but "clean" foods like brown rice and chicken breast.

But they were too restrictive and required me to sacrifice my life for the sake of seeing my abs. 

Every 2 weeks I tried a new workout and diet plan, but could never stick with it.​

And after 5 years of constant program hopping, this is what I looked like:

After 5 years of working out and dieting. Not my proudest moment...

I was pissed.

Look, I wasn't in horrible shape. I gained a tiny bit of muscle.

​But for 5 years to pass...

...and for progress to be so damn slow.

I knew I had to be doing something wrong. ​

Trying To Copy What Hollywood Celebrities Did To Get In Shape Can Ruin Your Life

If you want to lose fat and build muscle, the logical thing would be to copy what other fit people are doing, right?

Not exactly.

Here's what I've discovered:

The workouts that celebrities used to transform their body for movie roles aren't designed for normal guys.

They’re designed to get someone in shape as fast as humanly possible, no matter what it takes. ​

That’s why you always hear the media talk about how guys like Chris Pratt or Daniel Craig had to give up their favorite foods and workout 7x per week in order to get ripped.

When you need to get in shape as fast as humanly possible, you need to take drastic measures.

Not to mention the fact that celebrities have access to more resources than you.

They practically have an entire team of people dedicated to helping them get ripped. ​

But just because you get in shape, doesn't mean you stay in shape.

There's no point in losing 50 pounds of fat if it only means gaining it all back a month later.  

Discover How To Build A Superhero Physique By "Breaking The Rules"

​Pulling off a crazy body transformation isn't as complicated as you might think.

After 5 years of failures and mistakes, I decided to go back to the drawing board and really understand the fundamentals of what drives fat loss and building muscle. 

​I tested these new methods on myself and well...

You be the judge: 

This is also the same system that helped me get up to a 140-pound weighted chin up for 4 reps.

Since then, I've perfected this system so that virtually any guy can pull off their own superhero transformations without drugs, supplements, or crazy workouts and diets. 

Here's just a taste of what this system can do for you: ​

    • Drop down to sub 10% body fat while eating delicious foods like juicy steaks and cheesecake every single day.
    • Eat massive 2000 calories meals every single night while still losing weight.
    • Get ripped, dense abs while doing as little as one ab exercise. 
    • Lose fat and build muscle at the same time while only working out as little as 3 days per week​.
    • Drop body fat without ever stepping foot on a treadmill or doing a second of cardio.
    • Gain massive amounts of strength and muscle without doing doing traditional, hardcore bodybuilder workouts.

What's funny is that this system is almost the complete opposite of what most fitness gurus teach and breaks a lot of conventional fitness rules.

But look.

What I did wasn't magic.

All I did was strip out all the fluff and bullshit you find in most programs.

I get down and dirty...

Telling you exactly what it takes to transform your body. ​

​If you've struggled with sticking with a routine in the past because you had to workout too much or the dieting was too hardcore...

Then this will be a game changer for you. 

Introducing Superhero X12

The step-by-step training & nutrition system for building a superhero physique without sacrificng your life

Here's exactly what you get

SX12 Workout Guide

​A big picture overview of how the workouts in SX12 work. Everything you need to know about building a superhero body. 

Nova Series Workouts

Are you a beginner struggling to lose fat, build muscle, or both? Then this is where you start. ​Nova Series has 4 different workout splits to help you torch body fat and help you build a solid foundation of lean muscle.

Titan Series Workouts

Ready to take your training to the next level? Titan Series has 5 different workout splits specifically designed for intermediate lifters to help you bust through plateaus and spark new muscle growth like never before.

SX12 Diet & Nutrition Guide

Nutrition can be very complicated. This guide makes it simple as fuck for you. No more restrictive dieting and giving up your favorite foods. Learn the exact, step-by-step formulas to simplify and master your diet. 

Idiot Proof Grocery List

Don't know what foods you should eat to lose fat and build muscle? This list is so simple, you'd have to be an idiot to not get it right. 

Superhero Mindset

Most guys like to believe that it's all about having the perfect workout & diet plan. This guide shows you that your results are determined by your mindset. Can't stick with routine, not motivated, or lack willpower? Let me show you how to fix that. 

SX12 Nutrition Calculator

Hate doing math? Me too, and I'm Asian. So I custom developed a nutrition calculator to help easily you calculate exactly how much you need to eat no matter what your goals are. 

Exercise Substitution Cheat Sheet

I understand that not everyone can do the same exercises whether it's due to mobility issues or lack of equipment. If you can't do a specific exercise, just refer to this cheat sheet. 

SX Meal Plans

Over 10 different step-by-step meal plan examples laying out the exact foods you need to eat to build your dream body.

I've included different meal plans based on different weight classes and also your specific goal (fat loss or muscle building).

Also includes detailed calorie and macronutrient breakdowns and delicious, easy to follow recipes.

3 Exclusive Bonuses When You Pick Up SX12 Today...

SX12 Video Vault: 75+ Professionally Shot Exercise, Warm-up, and Mobility Drill Demos

The worst thing in the world is being told to do an exercise and you have no idea how to do it.

And let's face it...

Looking at a picture of how to do an exercise isn't ideal. 

So I asked my friend Dan Jones, a certified strength & conditioning coach who trains elite athletes to help me shoot video demos for over 75+ exercises in Superhero X12. 

Everything from the bench press, squat, and deadlift... the exact upper and lower body warm-up drills you need to do before each workout. 

These videos will show you how to execute each exercise with perfect form to maximize muscle and minimize injury. ​

Access these videos anytime, on any device.

Lifetime Membership SX Syndicate

Have questions about SX12 or anything fitness related? 

Need to stay motivated and accountable? 

The SX Syndicate is our private Facebook group where you can​ hang out with other guys who are on the same journey as you. 

I'll personally be hanging out in there every single day to provide support and answer any questions about the course that you have. 

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Superhero X12 Transformed Their Bodies. It Can Transform Yours Too.

Michael lost over a 100 pounds of fat in 2 years following the principles in SX12.

Just A Taste Of What You'll Find Inside Superhero X12...

  • Why following the "official" workouts of your favorite Hollywood celebrity might just be the biggest mistake of your life...
  • Why following the "official" workouts of your favorite Hollywood celebrity will get you nowhere close to looking like them...
  • All the different possible body type scenarios (based on age, weight, training experience) to help you determine if you should focus on cutting, bulking, lean bulking, or a combination of both.
  • The truth about “clean foods” and why eating a bowl of Lucky Charms won’t make you gain any more weight than a bowl of brown rice.
  • Why the “perfect” ratio of carbs, fat, and protein matters much less than you think.
  • The Nova Series workout plan that will help any beginner gain up to 25 pounds of muscle their first year of training
  • The Titan Series workout plan that will help any intermediate lifter pack on slabs of lean muscle without the fat.
  • The truth about cardio and why it will actually hold you back from building a superhero body and make you more unattractive to girls...
  • The exact nutrition protocol for fixing the dreaded skinny fat syndrome.  
  • How to strategically cycle calories so you can eat 5000 calories on Saturday night without losing progress...
  • How to strategically eat foods like pizza and ice cream every single night without ruining your diet...
  • The truth about eating 6-8 small meals per day and why it's not the best option for losing fat.
  • How to get shit-face drunk and somehow manage to still get abs using the "Project X Rule..."
  • Why eating nothing but "clean foods" might actually ruin your progress...
  • How to get dense, muscular looking abs with as little as 1 exercise and 10 minutes per workout...
  • What to do if you can't squat or deadlift. Yes, you can build lean and muscular legs with these exercises...
  • The truth about motivation (and what you really need instead to stay consistent with your workouts and diet). 
  • And much MUCH more...

Get All This For Less Than The Price Of One Personal Training Session (Or A Couple Lap Dances) 

An excellent personal trainer who knows their shit will charge $100+ per session. An average personal trainer will charge about $50 per session.

Just FYI, a couple lap dances will run you close to $100 ;)

So for less than the price of one personal training session, you get lifetime access to the Superhero X12 system and private SX Syndicate group where you get to interact and hang out with other badasses who want to change their lives and build their dream body.

​​​Look, I'm not trying to sound like some asshole used car salesman here.

​But the fact is - the information in this program will dramatically change the way you approach training and dieting forever (as long as you take action and apply it) and I can pretty much guarantee that most personal trainers aren't teaching the stuff that I teach in this program.

SX12 isn't a "magic pill" but what I teach in it will benefit you the rest of your life. Once you understand the principles of training and nutrition that I outline, you will be able to lose fat "on demand" and build a body that puts even Ryan Reynolds to shame.​

I'd say that's a pretty damn good deal.​

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You Literally Have Nothing To Lose...

(Except your man boobs)

If you don't see results with Superhero X12 within the first 60 days (which I doubt will happen), I'll happily refund 100% of your money back. No hassle. No questions asked.

Got A Question?

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Will I need to do cardio? 

Can I do this workout while playing sports?

How long will it take to see results? 

Is SX12 only for men? Can women use it?

Do I need access to a gym? 

Can older guys (over 40) do this? 

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