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Revealed...The Ultimate Formula To Build A Superhero Body In As Little As 12 Weeks

Now you can build the superhero body of your dreams without training 6x per week, going on restrictive diets, and sacrificing your life.

Seriously, when did fitness become so complicated? 

Every fitness guru is screaming #fitfam and telling you that the only way to build an amazing body is by living in the gym and eating brown rice and chicken every 3 hours. 

Love sugar? Too bad, sugar gives you cancer.

Love to drink alcohol? To bad, booze gets "stored" as fat.

Want to build muscle? Great, all you have to do is train 6 days per week and blast each muscle group with 30+ sets. 


But what if I told you there was a system to sculpt a lean and muscular physique by doing the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing?

Here Are Just A Handful Of Transformations Using My "Unconventional" System

"I’m 35 And More Ripped Than When I Was 25. 

- Tom Merryman, Los Angeles firefighter

"I’m a bit of a skeptic, and was hesitant to try Keith’s formula.

But being about two months in I’m definitely seeing results. I also feel much healthier and getting a massive gain in confidence.

Trust the system. It works."

- Donald W.

"I struggled to hit 4-5 pull ups. Now I'm hitting 10 with ease."

- Jon Luella

"This program was the jumpstart I needed! Amazed at the incredible progress I made in the little effort that it took."

- Neal R. (52 years young)

And the kicker? All these transformations were done WITHOUT:

  • Slaving away in the gym 6 days per week....
  • Spending a single second on the treadmill...
  • Eating nothing but brown rice, chicken, and broccoli 24/7...
  • Spending hundreds of dollars on supplements each month...
  • Making working out and dieting into your 2nd job. 

Okay man...this all sounds good on paper, but why the hell should I listen to you?

Fair enough.

My name is Keith Lai, and the first thing you should know me is I’m just like you.

I’m an average guy with average genetics.

I don’t have fancy degrees in sports nutrition or kinesiology.

I don’t even like to call myself a “fitness expert.”

Honestly, the only thing I do consider myself an “expert” in is helping average guys transform their physiques.

That's the reason I created my blog FitMole (which over 10 million people have visited since it launched 7 years ago).

When I first started working out I wanted to look like Ryan Reynolds in Blade: Trinity.

Crappy movie, but Reynolds was ripped and gave me the motivation to start working out. 

I was willing to do whatever it took to transform my body.

So I went hardcore into this fitness stuff....

And tried nearly every workout and diet program in the book.

But then reality struck.

I was working out and trying to copy what all the famous Hollywood celebrities and fitness models did...

But I could never stick with any single routine.

I was trying all the "latest and greatest" diet plans...

Everything from low carb, paleo, the blood type diet, and eating nothing but "clean" foods like brown rice and chicken breast.

But they were too restrictive and required me to sacrifice my life for the sake of getting abs. 

Every 2 weeks I tried a new workout and diet plan, but could never stick with it.

And after 5 years of constant program hopping, this was what I looked like:

After 5 freaking years...this is what I looked like.

I was pissed.

Look, I wasn't in horrible shape. I gained a tiny bit of muscle.

But for 5 years to pass...

...and for progress to be so damn slow.

I knew I had to be doing something wrong.

Why Trying To Copy What Hollywood Celebrities Did To Ripped Will Screw You Over

If you take a look at what celebrities actually do to get in shape, it's f*cking insane. 

It always involved 2 hour long workouts, a crap load of cardio, and an anti-pretty-much-everything-that-tastes-good diet.

But hey, it makes for a good story. 

The media loved to report on how Daniel Craig gave up sugar to play James Bond. 

Or how Chris Pratt gave up beer and trained 6 days per week to get in shape for Guardians of the Galaxy.                                       


Let's be real here.

When people need to get in shape as fast as humanly possible, they need to take drastic measures.

Which is why actors go on these ultra restrictive diets and ramp up their workouts like mad men. 

It's the equivalent of someone wanting to lose weight for a wedding or high school reunion only to regain everything they lost one week after. 

WTF is the point of that? 

If you want to actually maintain your results, then you need a simple plan that you can consistently stick with.

Trying to cut out all your favorite foods is only going to make you hate yourself. 

The goal should be to establish a set of healthy habits that can last you a lifetime.

And that's something that is sorely missing if you decide to follow any "celebrity routine." 

Do you really think you can go without eating carbs the rest of your life? 

Do you really think you can consistently workout 7 days per week for the rest of your life? 

Probably not...

Otherwise you'll end up like this: 

You need a program that you can consistently maintain without being stuck in the "endless loop" of starting a new fitness plan every month. 

How To Build Superhero Body By "Breaking All The Rules"

Fortunately, pulling off a crazy body transformation isn't as complicated as you might think.

After 5 years of failures and mistakes, I decided to go back to the drawing board and really understand the fundamentals of what drives fat loss and building muscle. 

I tested these new methods on myself and well...

You be the judge: 

These methods have also helped me get up to a 140-pound weighted chin up for 4 reps.

Since then, I've perfected this system so that virtually any guy can pull off their own superhero transformations without drugs, supplements, or crazy workouts and diets. 

With this system you can:

  • check
    Drop down to 10% body fat (or below) while eating delicious foods like juicy steaks and cheesecake every single day. 
  • check
    Eat massive 2000 calories meals every single night while still losing weight.
  • check
    Get ripped, dense abs while doing as little as one ab exercise.
  • check
    Lose fat and build muscle at the same time while only working out as little as 3 days per week.
  • check
    Drop body fat like clockwork without ever doing a second of cardio.
  • check
    Reverse the effects of skinny fat syndrome no matter how "doomed" you think you are.
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    Gain ungodly amounts of strength and muscle without doing traditional, hardcore bodybuilder workouts.

What's funny is that this system is almost the complete opposite of what most fitness gurus teach and breaks a lot of conventional fitness rules.

But look.

What I did wasn't magic.

All I did was strip out all the fluff and bullshit you find in most programs.

I get down and dirty...

Telling you the no BS truth of exactly what it takes to transform your body. 

If you've struggled with sticking with a routine in the past because you had to workout too much or the diet was too hardcore...

Then this will be a game changer for you. 

Introducing Superhero X12

The step-by-step training & nutrition system to build (and maintain) a superhero physique without sacrificing your life.

Here's exactly what you get

SX12 Workout Guide

A deep dive in the the SX12 training system where you'll learn...

  • check
    The "secret" behind losing MORE fat and building MORE muscle while working out less.
  • check
    How to workout even if you "never have time."
  • check
    Why traditional cardio methods could actually be making you fat
  • check
    And much much more..

Total Value: $59

Nova Series: Workouts Designed Exclusively For Beginners

Workout protocols designed exclusively for beginners looking to lose fat and build muscle. What's inside:

  • check
    Four different 12-week workout plans that requires no more than 3 hours per week. 
  • check
    How to determine how much weight you should lift. 
  • check
    How to easily modify the workouts if you have exercise or equipment restrictions. 
  • check
    Learn exactly how to scale and progress your workouts for consistent results.

Total Value: $159

Titan Series: Take Your Body To The Next Level

Workout protocols designed exclusively for intermediates looking to take their body to the next level. What's inside:

  • check
    Five different 12-week workout plans designed for intermediate lifters that requires no more than 4 hours per week. 
  • check
    The dead simple formula for gaining lean muscle without fat.
  • check
    3 "fool-proof" methods to blast through training plateaus and keep the gains coming.

Total Value: $159

SX12 Diet & Nutrition Guide

The step-by-step guide that outlines the SX12 approach to diet and nutrition. Inside you'll discover:

  • check
    Why most new, cutting edge diets are just total bullsh!t.
  • check
    How to go to restaurants and eat your favorite foods without "ordering a salad" every time.
  • check
    Why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. 
  • check
    The scientifically proven methods for stuffing your face full of ice cream every night and still get abs
  • check
    The truth about "fat burning foods" 
  • check
    And much much more...

Total Value: $59

Superhero Mindset Guide

Like they say, "Where the mind goes, the body follows." The Superhero Mindset Guide will help you beat the mental game of fitness. What's inside: 

  • check
    Why waiting to "feel motivated" doesn't work, and what to do instead.
  • check
    What to do if you think you never have time to workout or eat healthy.
  • check
    The real reason people can't stick with their workout and diet
  • check
    How to break bad habits and establish new ones (even if you're lazy as balls) 

Total Value: $49

SX12 Video Vault: 75+ Professionally Shot Exercise, Warm-up, and Mobility Drill Demos

The worst thing in the world is being told to do an exercise and having no idea on how to it. 

So I asked my friend Dan Jones, a certified strength & conditioning coach who trains elite athletes to help me shoot video demos for over 75+ exercises in Superhero X12.

  • check
    Learn how to execute every single exercise, mobility drill, and warm-up routine with perfect precision.
  • check
    Minimize injuries and maximize muscle growth.
  • check
    Professionally shot, multi-angle videos shot in crystal clear 1080p HD.
  • check
    View on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices any time

Total Value: $159

Lifetime Membership To The SX Syndicate

The SX Syndicate is our private community for Superhero X12 members. And when you join today, you get lifetime access to it.

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    Ask questions on anything you want.
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    Interact with other like-minded guys on the same journey as you.
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    Post progress pics and stay accountable.
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    I'll also be personally hanging out in the group to post exclusive tips & tricks and answering questions.

Total Value: $159

Plus, I'm hooking up everyone who picks up Superhero X12 today with these FREE SX12 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Idiot Proof Grocery List

Don't know what foods you should eat to lose fat and build muscle?

This list is so simple, you'd have to be an idiot to mess it up.

Total Value: $29

Bonus #2: Exercise Substitution Cheat Sheet

I understand that not everyone can do the same exercises whether it's due to mobility issues or lack of equipment.

If you can't do a specific exercise, this cheat sheet will be your savior. 

Total Value: $29

Bonus #3: SX12 Nutrition Calculator

Hate doing math? Me too, and I'm Asian.

So I custom developed a nutrition calculator to help you easily calculate exactly how much you need to eat based on your goals, weight, age, and other factors. 

Total Value: $29

Sounds sweet, but how much is this gonna cost me? 

Look, an excellent personal trainer who knows their shit will charge $100+ per session. 

The total value of the entire Superhero X12 system plus the bonus package comes in at over $800. 

But today, you can get complete access for a one time payment of $79 $49.

So for less than half the price of one personal training session, you get lifetime access to the Superhero X12 system and all it's bonuses for just a fraction of the cost.

Look, I'm not trying to sound like some sleazy used car salesman here.

Fact is, the information in this program will dramatically change the way you approach training and dieting forever (as long as you take action and apply it). 

SX12 isn't a "magic pill."

But what I teach in it will benefit you the rest of your life. 

Once you understand the fitness principles that I go over, you will be able to lose fat and build muscle "on demand."

I'd say that's a pretty damn good deal.


Total Value: Over $800

Today, grab everything for just $79 $49

Lifetime updates. No recurring charges. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

My "Love It Or Return It" Guarantee

You literally have nothing to lose (except your man boobs)

If you don't see results with Superhero X12 within the first 60 days (which I doubt will happen), I'll happily refund 100% of your money back. No hassle. No questions asked.


Michael lost over a 100 pounds of fat in 2 years following the principles in SX12.

More of what you'll find inside Superhero X12...

  • How to strategically cycle calories so you can eat 5000 calories worth of doughnuts and French fries on Saturday night without losing progress...
  • The truth about eating 6-8 small meals per day and why it's not the best option for losing fat.
  • How to get sh*t-face drunk and somehow manage to still get ripped abs using the "Project X Rule..."
  • Why eating nothing but "clean foods" might actually ruin your progress...
  • Why abs are not "made in the kitchen" and what you must really do to build dense, muscular abs.  
  • How to build lean and muscular legs without doing traditional squats and deadlifts.
  • Why eating a bowl of Lucky Charms won’t make you gain any more weight than a bowl of brown rice.
  • Why the “perfect” ratio of carbs, fat, and protein matters much less than you think.
  • The scientifically proven "habit loop" that destroys your ability to build new habits and break bad ones (and how you can manipulate it to finally get consistent results).
  • The exact nutrition protocol for fixing the dreaded skinny fat syndrome.
  • And MUCH MUCH more...

Get Started With Superhero X12 Today

Total Value: Over $800

Only $79 $49 Today

One Time Fee. Lifetime access and updates.

Order today with zero risk. You have a full 60 days to test drive the program. If you hate it, return it.

Got A Question?

How many times per week will I be working out? 

Will I need to do cardio? 

Can I do this workout while playing sports?

How long will it take to see results? 

Is SX12 only for men? Can women use it?

Do I need access to a gym? 

Can older guys (over 40) do this? 

What's the refund policy? 


Total Value: Over $800

Only $79 $49 Today

Lifetime updates. No recurring charges. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Note: Superhero X12 is a completely digital product so there's no waiting for anything to be shipped to you. Once you purchase the product you will be able to immediately access and download all product components in the members area.

Please read the following disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. here’s the truth: Most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero and their physique never changes. The biggest factor is you put in the work and time to get results. don’t be fooled into thinking anything is easy and that you don't have to do any work. Any transformation examples on this page do not guarantee individual success. Your experience and results will vary.